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Greek Old Time Fig Pie Recipe
« on: October 04, 2018, 09:06:39 AM »
This unique recipe is called sykopita in Greek and it is a traditional dish of Ithaca. It must be a very old dish, about 120 years old. It is very healthy because it doesn't contain butter nor eggs not even olive oil. Its preparation is easy and quick.

- about 1 kilo of figs
- cup of chopped walnuts
- cup of slightly browned sesame
 - 1 cup of sugar
 - 1 spoonful of honey
 - 2 or 3 spoonfuls of brandy
 - some cinnamon
 - chopped carnation
 - sugar flour
 - some drops of seed oil

Chop the figs into very small pieces, or smash them if you have a mincemeat machine. Put them into a bowl with all the other ingredients, except for the seed oil and the sugar flour. Leaven them well until all the ingredients become a melt. Pour some seed oil onto the kitchen stand and put the melt on it. Leaven them into a cylindrical shape. Powder the melt with a lot of sugar flour and cut it into grommets. The fig pie is conserved out of refrigerator. If you want to, you can wrap the grommets with cellophane and have them ready for treat.

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