Author Topic: Erythritol for Spotted Wing Drosophila Management  (Read 11631 times)

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Erythritol for Spotted Wing Drosophila Management
« on: September 18, 2018, 10:20:03 AM »
To All,

After reading some current stats on Spotted Wing Drosophila, here are some emerging facts:

1.) Up to 70% of grocery store fruit is infected.
2.) This fruit fly can survive freezing for 3 weeks and still emerge and grow out.
3.) This fruit fly has a life cycle that involves 1/6 of it's time in the GROUND... not just in the fruit!
4.) This fruit fly problem can destroy fruit crops and grows rapidly from hundreds of fruit flies to thousands of fruit flies in one season!
5.) Should you see this fruit fly (make a trap to check …. homemade traps are shown on YOUTUBE)…. begin spraying with 1/2 pound of Erythritol to a gallon of water (this causes the fruit flies to be sterile).... and spray the entire tree, under the leaves, and trunk or other fruit bearing plants and the ground under them..... every 7 days as a plan, and also pick all fruit green or otherwise, and store in ziplock bags in the fridge if you plan to still eat or process this fruit.
THIS IS AN EPIDEMIC GOING LARGELY UNTOLD!  Be aware in case you buy plants from people in other areas, that this fruit fly will infect and cause endless damage to fruit!  Be prepared and be concerned folks!
All the best,

Ms. Figgy

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