Author Topic: Let's all be on the lookout  (Read 11916 times)

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Let's all be on the lookout
« on: September 22, 2018, 10:38:55 AM »
 I wanted to take a few minutes to address this issue. We all need to be careful about what we bring into our areas and into Orchards. We all need to think about the day you walk out to pick figs off your tree and you can't even eat and enjoy them because of some fly that destroyed  your crop  or some parasite that's living inside of it and it's happening now.  This is going to affect the prices at the grocery store and what it cost you to raise fruit at home. Let's think about the cycle you get these flies and parasites that you got to buy pesticides for and then in return your digesting this some can cause cancer hurt you and your children this is a reality just like global warming they put warnings and warnings out and now look this is what our news alerts are all about trying to warn people.  Now with fig cutting season coming up we all need to take care of where we purchase or get our cuttings from and send out we all need to clean and disinfect them to  prevent the spread of this Danger.  We need to spray plants and treat the soil of anything that we're bringing in to Orchard or shipping out.  Here's just one example I had some figs shipped into me and found some hitchhikers something that I do not want in my Orchard or even in the state. These were very hard to kill not a normal parasite I just didn't disregard them and throw it in the trash I actually went through to exterminate all of these we didn't need these to hatch out and become part of my environment here. They came from inside the figs that I had shipped in so I eliminated the threat  we don't need this in my Orchard destroying my figs this is how easy it is to bring something in that you may not be able to get rid of that's why we all need to stop and think. I get a lot of messages and emails about fig collectors or new people to figs wanting rare varieties the definition of rare is supply and demand just cuz it has very few of something doesn't make it rare unless it's a new hybrid the figs that you're seeing have been around for a long time. And I know it's tempting to get something that has been smuggled into us with a new name but chances are the person that did it did not hold this in quarantine to make sure that it wasn't carrying anything  or make sure that it doesn't react and spread a disease or virus. That one day you walk out and look at the trees and you go oh what's this and it is against the law unless you do provide and apply for the proper permits let alone the agriculture Department come in and take everything you have and fine you it's just not worth it.  Here's one example please take a look at my photos would you want this inside your figs ? ?
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Re: Let's all be on the lookout
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Is that some sort of fly maggot?