Author Topic: Please bear with us ! !  (Read 10635 times)

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Please bear with us ! !
« on: November 08, 2018, 08:44:21 AM »
You may have noticed some advertisement on the forum please bare with us as we make this transition. You can also support this forum by clicking on one. Here on Southern figs you will never be asked for a donation or to contribute any funds. This is a totally free site ! ! We are a global forum which means our servers are in I believe 123 countries now very high-tech and expensive. You could compare this to Facebook this is the exposure that we are putting out. At 4 months now when we introduced the SFF our membership has grown at a very rapid rate and our views are at 3/4 of a million a month which is a tremendous amount of data transfer which cost money just like your phone everything is based upon the information that is exchanged. We are now projecting well over a million views a month as a membership continues to grow so as your browsing through the forum check out one of the ads a lot of good information out there.