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Starting out the year 2019 with new seedlings

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What do you do with the rejects? Firewood? lol.

Good question Rudy we haven't thought about it much in this stage I know I have some as you would call them Rejects from about 5 years ago.

And since we're not into Destroying what we've created I think we will be Distributing and be putting them in Wildlife areas to give back and help Mother Nature and all God's Little Critters.

Dr. Ed O'Rourke was one of my mentors and we're going to follow a lot of his examples. Dr. O'Rourke was a very generous person if you do any research you'll see that he was involved with a lot of different research facilities in helping other facilities with the development of their fig breeding programs.

It is very obvious To see his legendary works are still in high demand here in United States and abroad as well many of his Creations have been smuggled outside of the United States because of the high demand and popularity of them.

Indeed yes many of the LSU varieties have been smuggled outside United States and have been extorted by the Fig Mafia this is a bad thing but it's also a good thing.

Now hold on there J D how could it be a good thing ? It's a bad thing because they're extorting the the LSU varieties for very high prices.

It's a great thing and I repeat that it's a great thing that they smuggle these throughout the world. Because it backs up all the research that I've ever done on LSU and Dr Ed O'Rourke.

And it proves this point they can grow anywhere in the world and be very productive if you're on Facebook and follow some of this social media great testimonials all over the world about the LSU varieties and how productive they are and the great flavor the resistance ETC. All one needs to do is read and research and the facts are there

I was hoping that the rejects would be given away.  I am sure your standards are high and focus on specific characteristics, but I am a true believer in the old saying, "another man's trash is another man's treasure.  Some varieties may not meet your standards, but for the home grower like me, he/she may not be so picky if the fruit tastes really good and would perform better in a totally different region than in the South.  Maybe distribute the trees according to the tree's positive attributes?  IMO, there are some hard to get varieties on the market that are not worth acquiring due to either needing an extremely long growing season, producing really small sized fruit or fruit that easily spoils/sours on the tree. 

I don't think there are any bad fig trees. If people are aware of the cons of your rejects, you would be still feeding people and wildlife as well as making people happy.  Regarding the wildlife, they typically beat the humans to the fruit if they are planted in the ground. lol.

I was also thinking that at some point in time, whichever trees you plant in the wild, they will eventually be found by some fig hunter and try to capitalize on it which I know you are firmly against. I have been on enough social media sites to see this being done.   If you decide you don't want your reputation capitalized on by members potentially sharing/selling your product, you may as well compost them.   :'(


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