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Starting out the year 2019 with new seedlings

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Great job.  They are growing so fast.  I canít wait to see them fruit.  They look amazing, look at those roots

One thing I have noticed is that since I started gardening/started growing my own food, I have gained some patience.

Impressive results.  Will each individual seedling be evaluated?  At what age will you be able to decide if it was a keeper or a cull?

Yes  Mother Goose all seedlings are evaluated very closely for the first two years and until they produce figs.

We watch very closely the growth rates of all seedlings to see how vigorous they are and looking for signs of leaf rust and diseases and resistance.

We monitored very closely how much the seedlings grow every month and document when they start to push branches out. Etc etc.

Thank you for elaborating.  I know this is an older thread but I'm working my way through older posts. 


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