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Southern figs Forum YouTube videos / Re: Lyndhurst White Fig
« Last post by Andrea on June 26, 2022, 10:11:56 PM »
Thank you for sharing your first fig of the year with us! I'm a little jealous since it may be a long time before any of my trees ripen a fig. They're all still very new. I don't get brebas on most of my trees because they're in-ground and they freeze down to the roots in the winter, killing most of the branches.

 It was wonderful to see your home orchard, though! How many trees do you have, and how do you organize them? Alphabetically? In order of ripening? By flavor profile? Or just randomly in the order that you acquired them or something?  And how do you water them all? Just watering seems like a full time job, but I bet it would also be a great video if you want to show us. :D
Fig Help / Re: Help - fig tree wilted overnight
« Last post by Andrea on June 26, 2022, 02:22:59 PM »
Thank you so very much for the phone call and advice and reassurance, JD.  I'm sure you're right that the black ground cloth cooked that poor fig to death.  We have been so concerned with growing figs in this area with cold winters (that's the whole point of our Fig Study) that it never occurred to me to worry about too much heat in the summer.  We thought figs loved heat and sun.  I'm sure they do, but you're right (again) that they're still tender when under 1 year old.

I'll take my surface thermometer and check the temperature on that black cloth in the middle of the afternoon later this week.  Today and the next couple of days are only in the low 80s, not high 90s as it has been, and I want to see what the surface temperature might have been before it died.  Or maybe I should say, before it fainted from heat stroke. 

Until then, I'll switch the watering system to run in the evening, remove one of the drip emitters so that it doesn't get too wet since it has no leaves, add shade cloth over the top of it (and the other young figs, too), wrap some light cloth around the base of it (and the other trees, too), and then check to see new buds swelling in a couple of weeks.  Oh what rejoicing there will be!!!
I learned a long time ago that one should never fertilize a plant that has dry soil/potting mix.  I always touch the top of any container before applying anything even if it's organic just to be on the safe side.  I use Miracle Gro All Purpose and other chemical fertilizers every so often, but ALWAYS make sure that the top of the root ball is damp. I now water at night if I am going to fertilize the next morning.  If I remember correctly about the cause of burning, it's because the plant absorbs the fertilizer too fast when it's dry.
Fig Help / Re: Help - fig tree wilted overnight
« Last post by LouisianaMojo on June 26, 2022, 10:59:18 AM »
Looks like your tree was recently planted. Your black Landscaping Weed Preventer is cooking your leaves with the hot intense of the sun this year. I would put something white around the base of the tree burlap bags e t c to reduce the Heat and reflection of the Sun. If the tree had a good root Basin the leaves will regrow. I was also limit my watering in the evening
Fig Help / Re: Help - fig tree wilted overnight
« Last post by AtlantaFig on June 26, 2022, 10:35:31 AM »
If the tree was in container, I would have said that it was maggot but in the ground, I don't know but the problem started with the root.
Arturo, I appreciate your clarity about miracle gro. Thank you for letting the members know that miracle gro the chemical side may harm their plants.
Fig Help / Help - fig tree wilted overnight
« Last post by Andrea on June 25, 2022, 04:30:38 PM »
Expert advice urgently needed!

The Fig Study that my gardening friend and I are conducting has been going great up until today.  I was at the site yesterday and everything looked fine, but when I went out to the site this morning, one of the figs had entirely wilted in the past 24 hours.  Please see photos. 

The soil is very moist but not wet. It is on a daily drip irrigation system and all the other figs on that line still look lush and green. 

The tree is about 22" tall, was an air layer taken on 9/23/21, overwintered in an unheated shed, leafed out this spring, and was planted at the study site on 5/15/22.  I see no insects or insect damage on the leaves.

Last week we noticed that one side branch had wilted, but I didn't examine it closer, thinking that perhaps it had been bumped or broken off.  That is the small lower branch that is browner than the rest.  However, upon examining the plant today, I see that the small brown branch is still firmly attached and I cannot see any reason for it to have just wilted. 

Can anyone advise me on what to do to save the tree?  What might be wrong with it?  Will it come back?  How long do we wait to see?  Should we pull it up to inspect the roots?  What are we looking for if we do that?  And if we find nothing, do we replant it or replace it with another tree?  This is a 10-year study, so I don't mind replacing this particular plant after only 40 days, but what if it's something in the soil?  We had the site tested for nematodes prior to planting and it came back negative (for the bad ones). 

HELP!  Any advice is very welcome. 

Susan, who runs the fig trial in Fort Smith, has used a comfrey slurry to doctor a sick fig in the past, so we're preparing that but it takes 2 weeks to steep.  Is there anything else we can do or test for?

If it matters, the variety is Takoma Violet, although we have the trees labeled A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.
My Figs and Tree Pictures / Re: RdB Fig 2022
« Last post by FigMamaJanet on June 25, 2022, 03:11:07 PM »

Congratulations on your RdB putting out figs!!  I am sure that next year they will be sweeter.

Keep us posted on the taste testing :)
My Figs and Tree Pictures / RdB Fig 2022
« Last post by LaFigGwr2019 on June 24, 2022, 11:33:26 PM »
This was the first year I got any of this fig variety.  I was hoping for something sweeter but nope, not this yr.  I also know this is its first yr so it still needs more time to mature.  Fingers crossed

Weight:          9 grams
Eye:               Closed
Skin Color:     Dark Purple
Pulp:              Dark Red, No cavity
Taste/Flavor:  Tasted like a fig.  A little sweet.
Seed:             Some seed crunch

I kind of knew people would know about the chemical burning but I wanted to make sure it was said.  I have heard of the organic side.  Please do not get me wrong, I am not bad mouthing miracle gro cause I have and will use it again.  I was mainly concern about our members and how they use a chemical fertilizer. 
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