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Winning Awesome Free Cuttings and Tree!


Ms Figgy:
Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise delivered to my door! WOW!  Some awesome free fig cuttings and tree had arrived, and it was so touching to be blessed with these famous Louisiana fig varieties!!  The other forums  used to be a great place to find fig friends, and back then all kinds of people were swapping and giving away cuttings, but finally greed seemed to took over!  So, again, I must repeat, THANK YOU!  These cuttings are beautiful and so healthy!!  GOD BLESS YOU!!!!! SOUTHERNFIGSFORUM ROCKS!

All the best to this wonderful forum moderators and members,

Ms. Figgy  ;)

Great surprise!

Ms. Figgy,

I used to give cuttings several times a year on the old forum run by Jon @ Encanto Farms.

We have to help each other on many of the uncommon varieties and when it comes to breeding programs.


Congratulations Ms. Figgy!  That is wonderful that there are so many terrific people

All right Miss Figgy!! ;D ;D


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