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Re: New members waiting for approval
« Reply #15 on: April 18, 2021, 10:26:47 AM »
Good morning everyone. I would like to cover a few things about new members. I'm seeing the ones that are still not approved do not have an IP address showing in their application this means they're using a proxy server and not using their own device such as a cell phone laptop or a PC computer.

These people will not be allowed to join until this is corrected !!.

Every device has an IP address that identifies your phone your laptop or your PC. These are usually people that don't want to be identified or they've been banded in the past these are not members that we really want here.

We'd rather have only five hundred members that are willing to share and help new figs enthusiastic than 5000 members that are here for the wrong reasons. Anyone can come to Southern figs forum and read any article they're just not allowed to post or get into the drawings.

The last Point is in the past I've trusted people and help them and then been betrayed by them. The last being this site that was put together for one reason. It was helped put together by an individual that was banded all over the internet and Facebook and social media group's.

I felt sorry for the individual that he was being picked on and then he only had four fig varieties. He had access to all the varieties that I grew at no charge and we watch the man change and seen his real intent. This is the last time that I will be scammed by any individual I cannot and will not let this happen again.

We all need to take a look back and see what happened to our forum and by what individuals and what was their reasoning to attack Southern figs forum ? We actually had to get the feds involved to get this corrected and something I wish to never have to go through again.

So these individuals can voice their opinion on Facebook group if they really want to join the main group they need to correct their application or reapply. Remember they can private message me or if any member has a concern they can private message me you can also email the administrator.

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Re: New members waiting for approval
« Reply #16 on: April 18, 2021, 11:19:08 AM »
This is slightly off topic, but there are a lot of names in the members directory that have zero posts, unusual screen names, and not even in the US.  I was wondering if those people can be deleted as they have not been on the forum for over 1-2 years.  Some even longer.  Until you said you checked IP addresses, I wondered if those people were real.
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