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First let us start by saying that are free giveaways here on Southernfigsforum is only a small part of what we are doing. And shouldn't be the main feature of our group we are trying to help new fig enthusiast, in education and spreading the word that these wonderful fruits can be grown anywhere.

One of our goals is in the development and circulation of some of the best figs in the world. Figs have been around for a very long time going back to biblical times of the Bible. We have seen billions and billions of dollars being spent with grants and universities doing research and trying to improve these amazing fruits.

And one of the most famous breeding programs going back to the 1950s is of the Louisiana State University and Dr Ed O'Rourke. In doing a ton of research on LSU and Dr O'Rourke I stumbled across some hidden and critical information.

LSU has helped many universities with their fig breeding programs Jimmy Boudreaux went to Texas A&M and help them with many of his years spent with LSU and Dr Ed O'Rourke our we seeing a pattern here ? LSU in their breeding program had developed several male seedlings used in their program.

Dr. O'Rourke set out to make the perfect figs for the South, closed eyes, can flourish and be very vigorous in the high heat and humidity here in the south, disease resistant and won't spoil on the trees.

Some of the trees that he developed came from very old varieties that have been here in Louisiana for hundreds and hundreds of years. Having to adapt and build up resistance to survive here in Louisiana is why dr. O'Rourke chose them.

These characteristics is what helped develop what I call the Holy Grails of fig trees. We have and use some of these varieties here. But we we're very very lucky in creating a couple of Our Own the odds is like 1 in ten thousand so you may say we hit the lottery.

So we have developed Hundreds of seedlings that should start fruiting here next year. We have created a couple of of the Holy Grail trees that we are waiting to mature so we can use them in the program.

We imported some varieties back in March of this year that the quarantine people we're very happy to sign off and get them to us because they were financially responsible until they delivered them. The Mosaic and Silver Lyre Afghan are not supposed to survive here in the United States but doing very well the Mosaic we are getting ready to breed.

The silver lyre Afghan ( afghanistanica) is showing outstanding results for me with the humidity Mr Steve was shocked when I pointed out that huge difference in humidity between me and him. I think when I had him check it the first time his was like 12% mine was running in the 80s percent humidity. Needless to say he did go into a frantic oh it's going to kill it thank God for a dehumidifier.

Starting next year we will be acclimating it to the ultraviolet rays. and Sun much like the white panache that wasn't supposed to live. So I would say we've had some major advancement in getting these new Imports settled in an adjusting so we can start breeding them.

Looking forward to 2020 should be a very exceptional year for us here of production of new hybrid.

Awesome job you guys are doing down there.  I am always interested in hearing more.

J.D., you and Mr. Steve are constantly amazing me with your research. Keep up the great work.

Thank you JD and Steve for your awesome work  and very informative posts! Looking fwd to when you all  can release some of  your newest and  best prospects.  Great growing !    ~ Scott ~

Hear, hear! You guys are doing good work. It must be fun to get input and share your thoughts with a random slice of specialty gardeners too---


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