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With the Coronavirus with all the medical and lab equipment being in hi demand it puts a damper with some of the work we're trying to get done. Medical mask, lab gloves, and swabs are in very high demand and can't buy none let alone afford them.

So we were shocked to find out that we had no more swabs oh no this can't be we can't hold up JD. So with a little Cajun ingenuity here's what I come up with hello mr. Q-tips. check out this Cajun technology for making lab swabs

I was going to ask if you needed some Q-tips...LOL ;D

Just more evidence to support a quote attributed to the Greek philosopher Plato:  "Necessity is the Mother of Invention".

Is that how u pollinate your figs it seams like it would be done with something smaller

If you need more Q-tips just say so ???? That's what I call using what you have..... only in America


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