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Leaves of a fig tree can tell you a lot of information if you know where to look. We are studying the striped Figs and variegated  Fig Trees also breeding and improving them.

We know that the white panache white tiger leaves have white stripes going through them and some are variegated if you can keep them out of the direct sunlight in a shaded growing condition.

We have a original mosaic Fig tree that has striped figs also painted leaves one of a kind leaves can't be mistaken. We have lots of different varieties from different sources and one of these trees that I'm about to post the leaves are all from the same tree except for the last one which is the original mosaic Leaf the painted leaf.

This tree is exhibiting them all growing on the same tree. Were growing in different conditions. Indirect light  inside the greenhouse so the can't get ultraviolet rays and in complete shade my Trees are derived from the same cutting and not from different trees so genetically they should be the same.

They're all cool, but that last one, the original mosaic is really spectacular. Wow!


Those are some great looking figs.  One day I hope to have some

Ok, quick question. Is the Bicolor/mutant tree I won the same as any of these?

No but I would say they are related


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