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Memorial Trees


A fig tree makes a wonderful memorial to honor a loved one.  It is enduring, symbolic and as it grows it becomes stronger year after year.  Along the way it produces figs to enjoy and share.  It can also be cloned to carrying the story and memory of a loved one along the journey.

The tradition of a memorial tree is not new but the use of fig trees to memorialize a loved one is extra special.  We are starting this category to give our fig family a place to share the memory of a loved one with our friends and family.  To display a memorial tree so we can all share in its growth and development as we honor those we have lost. 

All are welcome, both recentely departed and long gone but not forgotten.  A post here would include the name of the loved one, the variety planted and where, a little about the life well lived and photos if you wish of your loved one and the memorial tree.  Inspire others to follow your example as you show your devotion and love.


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