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Doctor Mojo here as we get caught up here going into the spring next year will be showing a little bit more on the backyard tissue culture. There are few low cost studies we will be doing involving different techniques to see how they work here in the hot and humid South were in with different plant forms figs being the number one study of course.

Interesting project Mojo, I'm interested in working tissue culture this upcoming year once I've got more plant tissue to work with. I've only got 2 small figs in ground and a few potted right now so I'm gonna wait it out some more, specially since I want to get better genetics to work with as well.
Do you already know the formula you'll be using for the tissue culture experiments? I've got a few papers I've downloaded from the web when I was investigating around, maybe you'd like me to send you them?
Looking forward to your progress, I'd appreciate if you posted some details on your procedure as far as cleaning the tissue and medium used.
Best of luck

Guys and Gals,

Been working over with the biology department folks. Have information coming in the next few weeks on how this is performed with the proper chemicals and nutrients. We know the basics already but the important information is the smaller micro nutrients and what amounts they are needed.


Ms Figgy:
Thanks to all you guys!  I am planning to work on or try medicinal herbs so this is all important stuff!!

Ms Figgy

I have heard that tissue cultures are sterilized and the new plant will not have things like FMV in the trees.  If this is true how are they sterilized without killing the tissue?


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