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Starting out the year 2019 with new seedlings

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This should be a very productive year we are now germinating seeds that were in a breeding program last fall. So we will keep updates going as this process is 4th going. This is group 3 2019

I have never even thought of starting a fig from seed.  Let me get a little better at rooting cuttings and maybe doing a graft or two.  Wish you the best of luck

Here are some updates photos are the new seedlings on group 3

New update on group 3. These are quite amazing The growth rate is at top performance right now with feeding them with special nutrients they need. We transferred these into 1 gallon pots today on average they're about 7 to 8 inches tall on average. We will be transferring these into 2 gallon pots in 30 days the reasoning behind this is we want the roots to constantly digging and spreading out 4 nutrients. Our goal is to have them in 3 gallon pots in 60 days with having a average height of 2 foot.

Here is another group of seedlings that we repotted the other day.


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