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The EXP 24 Fig [ New Fig in the Making ]

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Yes folks look at the last couple of photos your eyes are not deceiving you we have two different varieties of figs growing on the same branch now this is simply amazing.

Yes this really is history in the making a Frankenstein fig variety. And we have some great news we're not done yet !!! We have been breeding this variety and have seedling trees off from it already.

And you may ask where is this all going just imagine a fig tree that has four to five different varieties and never been grafted. One that produces early mid-year and late crops one that is cold hardy and disease resistant.

Our technology is endless in what we can do. We could stop right now and go into the record books but we would be depriving you all the Fig enthusiast of all the new varieties and improvements on figs that we are doing.

 We're going to retire again and continue our work for the next 5 years we have several goals that are in the making right now and I see us reaching them in the next 2 years very very exciting.

It's been a long hard Road  we've been ridiculed slandered and attacked for what we are trying to contribute to the Fig community.

We have been banded from Our figs because they don't want us posting or replying 2 brutal attacks on us. They tell people And new fig enthusiast that are breeding program is a scam ridiculous they're Liars quote anybody can stick a straw up a figs butt really. Now we wonder what they have to say or what they're going to say when these variety show up to the market at your local box stores and nurseries. Because we can tell you right now there's not going to be one person that's not going to want one of these trees.

And it's just the beginning for the Backyard Scientist. Keep them figs are coming.!!! 

We posted this on our PC and we didn't have the photos uploaded so here they are a few of them and we will be adding additional photos within the next day. We will cut the figs in half and fold them down so they can see the inside colors on both of them on the tree

you are correct!!!! I want one......or four

This is incredible stuff, I am really enjoying reading about this!

I've just been watching and listening. I believe y'all all really trying to enlighten and correctly inform the fig commodity of proper procedures and warned them against scams. I congratulate you. Keep up the good work. Theemax
PS: Their is a lot to say about the backyard scientists, they usually take their time and put their hearts in trying to get the just right plant, and usually it comes to just by accident thru trial and error. I do know this for a fact for my father and grandfather developed trees over 50yr. ago that we are still enjoying the fruit from. Have a good day to and plant something.


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