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« on: May 27, 2020, 03:20:08 PM »
Thank you Mothergoosefarms starting this post. My Fig tree is called SWEET FELICIA and it is planted in a pot but it will be planted in the ground later. My mother's name is Felicia and she passed away September 21st 2018 in Nigeria. She is the BEST. Some years ago in Nigeria, female children were not sent to schools and my mother was one of them but she encouraged her children to go to school even paying for after school classes, we will be in big trouble if we do not attend after school classes. After my parents divorced, my mom did not give up on me especially been her first born. My mother loved to write letters to her siblings, so she had a young guy in the same building who wrote her letters for her. The first time I wrote a letter for my mom, she was so happy that her little son can write now. That was how I became the person who wrote her letters. My mother loved me so much and I took good care of her till she died. I rooted some cuttings in winter of 2018 and I lost the name tag of one of the varieties, so it has been an unknown fig till last month when I thought of my mother and I named the unknown fig SWEET FELICIA FIG to her memory. I miss her so much. Two days ago my son and I, we're talking about her.
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