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New Board / Re: Banana Plants
« Last post by LaFigGwr2019 on Today at 12:28:24 AM »

I am sorry for the trees that you have lost.  I have a couple banana varieties that I can share with you if yours do not make it
Fig trees and cuttings / Re: Turkey Shoot Giveaway
« Last post by NaNa’s figs on November 26, 2020, 08:04:39 PM »
Happy Thanksgiving

New Board / Re: Southern Figs Orchard Number 2 List of Trees lost to Laura
« Last post by Jtv32438 on November 26, 2020, 05:09:11 PM »
After this cold snap text week I can send some cuttings off of this and the other list. I know for sure the Male Butler stripped ,kadota ,Chicago hardy,unk. Italian honey,and Italian honey.
New Board / Re: Southern Figs Orchard Number 2 List of Trees lost to Laura
« Last post by LouisianaMojo on November 26, 2020, 03:36:15 PM »
Our 3rd Orchard was the seedling and new hybrid trees we had well over 500 trees inground we planted this spring. All these young trees never made it thru Laura this is what really hurts all the lost time and work.                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                       We will plant new trees inland from here on I just wish we could go back in time to this spring and have a do over.
New Board / Banana Plants
« Last post by LouisianaMojo on November 26, 2020, 03:19:42 PM »
Brazilian Dwarf, California Gold, Cavendish Dwarf, Double Mahoi, Ele Ele ( Hawiian Black), Gold Finger, Gran Nain, Gros Michel, Haa Haa, Ice Cream, Kru, Lady Finger, Manzano (Apple), Misi Luki, Monkey Fingers, Mysore, Nam wah ( short & Tall), Orinoco Dwarf, Patupi, Pisang Jari Buayi, Raja Pisang, Raja Puri, Red Dwarf, Red Iholena, Rhino Horn, Seminole, Super Dwarf, Sweet Heart, Tigua, Veinte Cohol, White Iholena, Williams Hybred, Pisang Ceylon, Mona Lisa, SH 3640, Praying Hands.                                   
Variegated Plants Florida, Ice Cream, Nam wah, Taa Nee.                                                                                                         
The good thing the bananas are showing signs of green growth on some but all the citrus orchard and other fruit trees are all dead.
New Board / Southern figs container plants lost to Laura
« Last post by LouisianaMojo on November 26, 2020, 02:48:44 PM »
Atreano, Acciano, BB-10, Beall, Blue Giant, Brooklyn White, Blanche de Turgie, Buddy Lee, Brain Zolo, Brown Lebanese, BTM6, Blava Purple, Black Lebanese, Black Madeira, Black Greek, Black Tuscan, Black Triana, Cluster Fig, Castanhol, Cajun Gold, Conadria, Cdd B?N, Cdd mutant, Chinese Yellow, Cerreto, Cuervo Oscuro, Dauphine, Dr, Clark, De Baco, Dr, Monticello's, Dwarf 38, Dark Portugese, Dall' OSSO, Fioronidi Ruvo, Flanders, Filacciano Bianco, Ficazzana Negr, Fig de croscin de mullenti, Gustissino Rosetta, Der Grossen,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Goliath, Cecci, Gota del Mel, Galicia Negra, Hamari, Hurricane, IC (Ryan) Izmir, Judy, Jelly, JUrupa, K-7-11, Kure Beach, Lightning, Livano Eprius, Len, Letizia, Long Yellow, LSU C2, LSU C1, LSU Strawberry, LSU Brandy, LSU Black, LSU Red, LSU Red (light), LSU Scott's Yellow, LSU DC-2, LSU DC-6, LSU White Honey, LSU Tiger, LSU Scott's Black, Monstrevse, Manresa, Martin Black, Mavra Sika, Maltese Black, Mid Male, Napolitana Negra, Naoles Dark, Olympian, Papa Niko, Prince, Pied de Boeuf, Pananapas Purple, Panche, Picholetera, Papho's Red, Preto, Prosciutto, Qalaat al Madig, Raspberry Latte, Ruby 4, Rob Genovese, Roberts Golden Rainbow,  Rossa Rotonda,
                                                                                                                                                                                     Schar Amber, Swamp, Pada Fora Yellow, Schar Isral, Sugar 12, Super Red Hybrid, Sand paper, Salce, Sayreville Yellow Italian, Tauro, Turca, Troiano Calabrese, Torquei 2, Tres num Prato, Two Timer, Thierry, Valle Nerga, Vacal, Vesuviana Bianca, Violet de Pisa, White Geno, White Madeira !#, Yesil Cicek, Zodeia Mavra, Zeus Biffaro. Gallo, Akova seedling, Violet Palican, Blueberry Hill, Poretto White, Sicilain Purple, Caserta, Poolacci, Norella, Green Red MF,  Cyprus DK, Qila Saif RK, Uttaree Raajah, Luv, TP-FG-0001 & 0003 & 0006, Normans Yellow, Syrian, Sweet Joy, Col de dame Grisa, Black Jack water melon, Iride,Sigar, Petrelli, Staddone, Longshoreman, Sylvesters,
New Board / Southern Figs Orchard Number 2 List of Trees lost to Laura
« Last post by LouisianaMojo on November 26, 2020, 01:22:24 PM »
Der Grossen, Livano Epirus, Zeus Biffaro, Green ripe fig 1 & 2, Co cum Ro Nero, Martana, Fezzaute Rosso, Dall' OSSO white, Cavaliere, Zing T, Figu de Pula, Albacor comuna, Abeberiera, Greek Church, Bari, Breba Branca, Leon Montenegro, Leon Sheenz Honey, Fico Ronni, Den Roing Mayo MP, Della Tiria mp, I-376, Black Ischia, Owens Boro, White Greek, Dominics, Florea, Verdal, Zio Otavio White, Chi Talia Blanco, Celt's, J-Low Yellow, 174, UNK white, UNK Noir, La Goccia D' Oro, Zum Walta, Cugino Pino Italia Blanco, Fico Dolce Cuore, URG 153-17-25, Pesco D' oro, Zio Mario, Sao Miguel Roxo, De La Reina, UCR 309,Bi-39,                 
                                                                                                                                                                                      Takoma Violet, U Greek Red, U Greek White, U Portugese Yellow, Kala Heer, Greek White, Sicilian Bifara, Violette de Sollies, Sicilian Toffel, Enola Italian, Absheron White, Qudssaya, Black Madeira, Verdino Nord, Borda Barraquer, Morro de Bou, Del sen Juame Gran, German Green, De Parfum, Binello, Bardacik, Musov(Palava), Italian Black (Becnel), Rodgrod, Dulce de Leche, Plum Honey, Plint Malunga, Saint Agostina, Violetta, Tarantella.                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                                                                                  Afghan-E, Algerian, Armenian, Black Ischia (Watts), Blanquette, Bordeaux, Bournbat,  Capelas, Chico Malibu, Chico Strawberry, Canlia, D"or, Giant Amber, Grantham's Royal, Green Ischia, Gypsy, Late Blue, Fico Preto, Lola Martin, Marabout, Marlow, Negra, Red Flesh, Ruby 3#, Sacramento, Santa cruz drk, Samoa Sunshine, Sequoia, Zidi, 143-28, 143-38,171-59. 276-49, I-215, Aked, Deanna, Melanzana, Noire de Babentane, Nazarti, UNK Black (Watt's),Gulbun, Pastiliere, Pasquale, 143-36, 278-128,               
                                                                                                                                                                                       LSU Strawberry, Santa Fe, Ice, Native Black, Beale, Col de dame, Double Header, Falls Gold, Mediterranean, Yelow brown Greek, Very dark Greek, Col de Dame White, Strawberry Verte, Encanto, Golden Riverside, Very dark Greek, Saint Jean, Blue Celeste, Vernino, 337-2, Black Orak, Bardacik, Kavak, Sarizeybek, Mini Purple, Sultana, Mayam Blue, Karvelata, Alenyana, Zailata, Heimonia tika, GE Neri, IC (Thomas Francis). IC (Mark Simon), IC (Roy Young), IC (Durio Nursery), Smith, Isral Holyland fig, Porporato, Cielo Stellato, Martorano, Italain Deos Nego, Italain Everbearing, Discovery Park, Bordissot Blanca Rimada, Roma,
                                                                                                                                                                               Genovese Nero (AF), Perretta, Martinenca Rimada, Yolo Bypass, Mwazi, Khdari, Tashkent, Georgian, Portuguese Alice, Carmelitana, Cdd Roja, Ponte Tresa, Brogiotto Bianco, Piccola Negretta, Cdd Noir, Sefrawi, Col de dame Blanca, Goutte D" Or, Maltese Beauty, Col de dame Rimada, Cherry Bourbon, Cendrosa, Sultana, Alenyana mp, Zailata Greek, Musov Palana, Absheron, Demos UNK, Capri (S), Fort Mill park, Excel, Nina 2, KK Black Madeira, UNK SPain, Rockaway Green, Pound, Male Capri Butler Stripe, Frida Kahlo, Fico Nera Duemane, This is a list of Southern figs Orchard 2 if you have any of these varieties and want to help us in restoring this orchard please contact us.
New Board / Re: Southern Figs Orchard List of Trees lost to Laura
« Last post by opiem10 on November 26, 2020, 11:41:10 AM »
Hi JD,   I thought I posted a reply earlier today, but it looks like the post never listed.  When you are ready to re-start your orchard, reach out to our members.  I am sure we can each pitch in a little and get you on the road to fig recovery.   I have several of the varieties you lost.  While my plants are mostly young and small, I am sure that I can either air layer some by next summer or have cuttings next fall.   

I can't possibly imagine the devastation you have to dig out from.   At least you got out of harm's way and have that opportunity.   Stay well.
New Board / Southern Figs Orchard List of Trees lost to Laura
« Last post by LouisianaMojo on November 26, 2020, 11:32:56 AM »
Kadota, Longue de Aout, Sierra, Black Mission, Italian Celeste, White Adriatic, Brown Greek, Black Bethlehem, Louisiana Green Honey, Hardy Chicago, LSU Purple, Zodeia Mavra, Gota del Mel, Gustissino Rosetta, Dr. Clark, Qalaat al Madig.                                                                   
LSU Red, LSU Black ?,Oro Gold, Olympian, Len, Alma, Ischia, LSU Champagne, Martinenca Rimda, LSU Hollier, Oro Blanca, LSU Gold, LSU Everbearing, Hunt, LSU Scott's Black, Graza 3#, Hwy 4849, LSU THibodaux, LSU ?, LSU Jack lily, White Lyndhush, White Madeira #1, Maltese Falcon, DR, Gowaty, Saint Agostino, Morisca, Monticello Marseillies, Cajun Gold, MBVS,                           
Troiano Calabrese, Dr. Monticello's, Carini RG, Shiblawi, Izbat an Naj, Nero Borgiotto, K-7-11, Cdd bi/color mutant, Palazzo, Judy, Excel, Pap Jon, Greek BC Asprasyka, White Lebanese, Yellow Long Neck,Zingarella, Conadria, Cajun bomb, White Triana, LSU Black, LSU Tiger, Yellow Greek, Black Socooro, Rossa Rotonda, UNK Italian, Sweet George, Dalmatie, C"est Bon, Early Violet, Violet Sepor,                                                                                                                                                                               
                                                                                                                                                                                        Jon Helmut, Black Tuscan, Fillacciano, Vignazza, Sanvito, Buzzone Nero, Pissaluto, Monaco, Oregon, Calcinera, Green Honey 2#, Rudy 4#,Dattero, MD Parlan, Black Madreira, Rossellino, TP-FG-0001, Black Jack, Golden Riverside, Albacor Comuna, Dall' OSSO, LSU White Honey, LSU Scott's Yellow,  LSU Jack Lily, LSU DC-2, LSU DC-7, LSU Strawberry, LSU-156, LSU O'Rourke, TGF, Nero Genovese, Vasillika Bellclare, Vasillika Herman, Callara, Nordland, LSU Red (east coast), Black Sicilian, Red Lebanese Bekka, Pellegrino,                                                                                                                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                                                       Figo Branca, TX BA-1, Red Libya, D' al Fonso del Sordo, Markopoula, Green Geno BC, Saint Anthony, Hmari, Marroncino,   Brooklyn Light, Pelligrino (Vinny), Paradiso, Pendolino, Batigese, Osborne Prolific, TP-FG-0003, Verde Ficazzana, Golden Celeste, Cdd B/N, White Sicilian, Jelly.                                                                                                                                                       
These were mature trees in Southern figs Orchard 1# that Hurricane Laura destroyed and wipe out if you would like to help rebuild Southern Figs Orchard 1# and have some of these varieties please contact us
Fig trees and cuttings / Re: Turkey Shoot Giveaway
« Last post by opiem10 on November 26, 2020, 10:16:37 AM »
#118 please.   I hope for the opportunity to try to get a chance at a Bayou Homestead to grow for me and then to share the wealth down the road.
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