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Olive Tree Help
« on: January 09, 2022, 10:35:37 AM »
Hello SFF Members,

I acquired an Olive Tree (from Trader Joe's) in late summer. 

Being in Zone 7A in New Jersey, it has been inside where I am babying some root plugs (2 actually growing and leaves came out), plus rooting cuttings that had a few baby leaves, which now dried up.  They are all in a room in the house (which our house is always cold), but under the grow lamps (that look like an alien with 4 lights coming off of it.

Now to my question, the Olive Tree was up-potted to a ceramic pot with a hole on the bottom, as directed not to grow in a plastic container.  It has been doing well, even had some little flowers come out.  Looked at it now and the leaves (which resemble rosemary herb leaves) are falling off like crazy.

Anyone know what I can do or send me in the direction of someone or a website that knows.  I have searched and couldn't find anything.


Janet (FigMamaJanet)
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